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Whole Food Plant-Based Eating
Support transition to
Whole Food Plant-Based eating


Perhaps you want to learn how to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Maybe you are interested in transitioning to a Whole Food Plant-Based way of eating. Implementing diet changes can be overwhelming, but I can provide the tools you need to make your transition easier.  


Has your health care provider recommended you follow plant-based diet? Maybe your child come home from school and announced they are going vegetarian or vegan? Have you been combing the internet, trying to figure out how to provide a healthy, balanced Whole Food Plant-Based meals for yourself or your family? I can help you set and achieve your goals.  Let me help you with transition planning, shopping and cooking skills, meal planning (including tips for picky eaters), and more, completely customized to your family and needs.

Add variety to your already
plant-based diet


Perhaps you've been plant-based vegan for a while and are looking for variety or ways to incorporate more whole, unrefined, foods or start no-oil cooking. I can help with shopping and cooking skills, meal planning, and more!

Bring nutrition and wellness practices to your workplace


People like the thought of improving their health and eating habits, but often lack the information and skills to do so. Employer support gives employees often gives employees the gentle push they need to get started. Healthier employees benefits the organization in many ways, including less absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, and happier employees. I'd love to help you create a culture of health and wellness benefiting your employees at work and at home, and benefitting your organization.

Make your Plant-Based way of eating work in the real world


Are you ready to make a change but don't know how to introduce this to your family? Are you anxious about making plant-based school or work lunches? Does the thought of plant-based holidays, dining out, or going to other people's homes for meals make you feel uneasy? Let us work together to come up with techniques for success.

Cooking techniques, classes,
and recipes


Do you want a one-on-one cooking class? How does afternoon or evening with family or friends, learning new cooking techniques and recipes sound? Maybe your company would like to provide group cooking classes or demonstrations for your employees? How about a cooking class for your church or synagogue group, scout group, or youth group sound? Have an InstantPot and don't know how to use it? Schedule a cooking class at your home, business, or organization, that's fun, informative and delicious -- with samples and recipes included.

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